Job Opportunities

At Beach Wagner, we design machines. These can be stand alone or are coupled together to provide a complete materials handling system.

In this pursuit, we extensively use our solid mechanics and dynamics classical calculation skills coupled with the very best computerised structural analysis tools and 3D CAD software.

The result is machines with the following attributes:
+ Accelerated design
+ Innovative solutions
+ Readily and cost effectively manufactured
+ Smooth and trouble-free installation
+ Reliable performance for the design life

Beach Wagner is a vibrant and well run consulting firm and we seek qualified mechanical engineers to design machines with us.

Applicants must possess the following attributes:
+ A proven drive to fully design imaginative and functional machines
+ Strong Machine design calculation skills – solid mechanic and dynamic performance calculations
+ Superior CAD modelling and manufacturing drawing capabilities
+ Excellent solid mechanics and dynamics academic results
+ Currently located in Brisbane

APPLY NOW, if you think the above description describes you. Forward your resume and academic transcript to